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Dolbak Finance is also offering vehicle finance services in NZ to help you secure a loan for both used and new cars. Whether you need a car for recreation, business or family purposes – we are always there to help you realize your dream. We have a very strong customer base in New Zealand and serve customers with the utmost priority. Being one of the most renowned car financing companies, we give excellent customer service and follow a simple application procedure.

Having a bad credit history imposes several problems that can seriously affect you and prevent you from availing credit facilities. It gets difficult at times for the borrower to search out for suitable lenders, bad credit holders often face a common problem of either being charged higher rate of interest or being turned down by the leader. However, auto loans for people with bad credit won't harass borrowers through any such annoying situation. Unsecured bad credit loans are also a good option where you don't need guarantee. The net amount offered in bad credit finance Auckland won't be as big as compared to secured loans, even if it's useful in many purposes.

While bad credit finance car dealers focus mainly on the borrower's credit score as the basis for their lending decisions, the companies out there actually look to do business with bad credit individuals. They have built a nice little business catering to the credit-challenged. Find out your score with all bureaus since it will vary from one to the next.  They are obligated by law to fix them. In this case, a healthy list means lenders. Sounds like a pain to do that much research? Just think: spending an extra few minutes doing your homework now could save you thousands in lower interest payments over the life of your loan.

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