Secure deal with FAYPAY

How to Secure a Trade on FreeAds World

How it works?

6 simple steps to make a safe transaction:

Step 1

Buyer and seller agree on a deal

Did you like the dress from the seller without a site that sells only on FreeAds World and are not sure what it will look like in the photo? Offer to place a safe transaction on FayPay, an honest seller who is confident in his product will not refuse.

Step 2

Seller creates a deal for sale.

On FayPay, the seller describes the product, indicates its details, describes the transaction and receives a link to pay for it.

Step 3

The seller sends the link to the buyer

The seller sends the payment link to the buyer on Facebook, Viber, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp or in another convenient way.

Step 4

The buyer pays for the goods

By clicking on the link, the buyer pays for the goods and delivery. Money from his card is transferred to a transit account and stored securely there until confirmation of the successful completion of the transaction.

Step 5

The seller sends the goods to the buyer

The seller receives a message that the goods have been paid for and sends the package within 5 days from the date of payment by the buyer for a specific express invoice number, created automatically after a successful payment.

Step 6

The buyer at the carrier’s office inspects the goods

If the product meets the expectations of the buyer, he picks up the package, and the money is instantly credited to the seller. If the buyer refuses to pick up the parcel, the delivery service returns the goods to the seller, and the money is instantly returned to the buyer's card.