International account for sending funds to over 60 countries around the world

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Moving abroad made easy
Receive your salary, pension and many other benefits.
Move easily and without the need to open new bank accounts. Share your bank details with your employer, pension department, family and friends and get paid like the locals do.

Pay with your card in local currency.
Forget about going to the bank to open an account. Start shopping as soon as you arrive in your destination country. With a Wise debit card, you will always get the best exchange rate.

Move your money between countries.
Send money to 80 countries with low and transparent transfer fees. With direct debit in the UK, Europe, US and Canada, paying bills and subscriptions in multiple currencies is easier than ever.

Online shopping in overseas stores
Shop at real exchange rates.
Avoid hidden bank exchange rates with mark-ups and high foreign transaction fees. Pay only the conversion commission you know in advance, no annual fee for using a debit card.

Always pay in local currency.
When shopping online, always choose the currency of the country in which you pay for the order. If your account does not have the required currency, we will automatically convert funds from the available balance with the most favorable exchange rate. Thus, you will avoid the commission for dynamic currency conversion.

Shop online securely and receive instant notifications.
Confirm payments with 3-D Secure technology. Receive instant notifications when you make a payment.

Receive payments from all over the world
Get paid like the locals do.
UK account number, EUR IBAN, US routing number, etc. All within one account. Receive salary, bill payments, pension and stock dividends.

Work anywhere in the world and use your account with Amazon, PayPal and other platforms.
Use your account details to receive and manage your income. Issue invoices and manage your earnings from a variety of online and offline platforms just like the locals do.

Convert your money instantly.
Receive payments from all over the world and convert them into 54 currencies. You will always get the real exchange rate and the very lowest fees we are known for.

Stress-free property management
Save money when buying property abroad.
Sending money with Wise is on average 7 times cheaper than the services of UK banks. And with our flexible pricing for large value transfers, commissions for transfers over 100,000 GBP or the equivalent in your currency becomes even more attractive.

Pay your bills online.
Store 54 currencies in one account. Easily manage your mortgage payments and utility bills in multiple currencies with direct debit payments in the UK, Europe, US and Canada. Make payments like the locals do.

Receive payments from your tenants.
Receive payments in 9 currencies (s) to your own details of your account. And when the course is right, convert your money in seconds.

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