Nereden başlamalı?

1. Register and enter your Personal Account.
2. Fill in all the fields of your profile (real data) in your Personal Account.
3. Select a user package based on the number of your products.
4. Open your shopping store, design it beautifully, fill in all the fields (with real data, no ads).
5. Add your products or services (it is possible to download the price list CSV).

You can place your products or services in 2 ways:
1. Place the product on the site with the option to purchase (if you want to sell the product through our site);
2. Place a product or service as a regular ad without the possibility of buying (if you do not want to sell on our website);

For those who wish to sell their goods through our website:
1. Add shipping methods for your product.
2. Fill in the details in the payment methods for your goods in your Personal Account.
3. Payment for your goods by the buyer goes to our PayPal or Stripe account and is returned to you (your balance is displayed in your Personal Account) to the details you provided specified in the payment request after the end of a successful transaction and the goods are received by the buyer. (A 5-10% commission may be charged for transferring the payment of your balance to your account).

Earnest request! All information and contact details provided on our website for the buyer must be accurate and in place without too much verbiage!

Incompletely executed profiles and stores are deleted without warning! Make everything beautiful!

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us in the chat on the website or in the Support Service.

More detailed information on working with the site:

We are always happy to help you!

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