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on October 12, 2021 77 views

See how we make a solid gold 1-kilo Miami Cuban link chain. You can also use our calculator (link below) to configure your perfect gold chain.


The amount of work and attention to detail that making a Cuban chain like this is absurd, as you'll see on the video.

Here are the main steps to making the chain:

00:00 Mixing gold with other metals to make 14K gold.
00:22 Melting gold with torch and pouring into ingot mold to make bar.
01:17 Scanning bar with XRF Analyzer to show gold alloy details.
01:31 Stretching gold bar to form wire (includes annealing).
02:45 Forming and cutting the links for the chain.
04:09 Connecting and soldering links.
05:30 Twisting chain to align links.
07:18 Filing the links to give chain the characteristic flat look.
09:05 Polishing chain.
10:01 Attaching and welding last link of Cuban chain.
11:06 Final chain weigh in (approximately 1000 grams of 14K gold).
12:07 Finished chain!

Let us know how big you would go with a gold chain in the comments below.

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